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2023 | RIBO Level 1 Weekend Refresher Course | June 16, 17, & 18 & October 13, 14, & 15

Posted Feb 7th, 2023 in Educational Seminars, IBAH News

If you have taken the Level 1 RIBO Basic Brokers Preparation Course, but would like to do a three-day weekend refresher course, to further prepare, you’re in luck, we’re offering two weekend options in June and October, 2023.

Course Details

This refresher course will review the entire IBAO ‘Becoming an Insurance Broker’ Manual with a heavy focus on the basics of property and auto insurance as this is where most students struggle with securing exam marks.  This course is designed for anyone who may have taken a course previously, was unsuccessful in passing the exam or does not wish to do 100% self study.    

Within the online portal, you will find pre-recorded videos of each chapter, so it is highly recommended that you sign up 2-3 months ahead of time so you can listen to the course material. 

We recommend you review the course material by going over all the self-examination questions at the end of each chapter, and the online quizzes contained in the portal which you will have access to once you register.

IMPORTANT – If you do not give yourself sufficient time to listen to the recordings, read the book and complete quizzes at the back of the chapter then you will not maximize the benefits of this Weekend Refresher course.  The purpose of the course is to act as a review for testing purposes and exam preparation and to provide a touch point for Q&A. 


The Weekend refresher is completed via zoom.


Friday: Chapters 1-6 review – 6 pm thru to 9 pm

Saturday: Chapters 7, 8 & 10 - 10 am thru to 4 pm

Sunday: Chapters 9 & 11 - 10 am thru to 4 pm


REGISTRATION ACCEPTANCE To register for a course, a completed registration form must be received, with payment in full (to IBAH) prior to the start date. Courses are filled on a first come, first served basis.

WE NEED AT LEAST 5 PEOPLE TO REGISTER. If the review class is at the risk of being cancelled due to lack of registration, you will receive a full refund, however, there is a $125.00 processing fee. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS  Certified cheque, money order or MasterCard, VISA, American Express and PayPal.

DEADLINES  The official cut-off for registration is seven (7) business days prior to the start date. Late registrants may be accepted space permitting.

CANCELLATION  Written notice (email accepted) must be received prior to the start of the date. A full refund is granted when IBAH receives notice more than fourteen (14) business days prior to the start date; however, there is a $125.00 processing fee. No refunds are granted on or after the start date. The penalty for insufficient notice is at the discretion of the IBAH.

FEES  Licensing and RIBO accredited programs are NOT tax exempt. Member Fee $325.00 & Non-Member Fee $375.00. Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

NSF & BANKING FEES  All bank charges incurred are the applicant’s responsibility.

Note: it’s the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the Registration Policy prior to enrolment. Please keep a copy of the registration information for your records.


Sharon Greenidge, CIP CRM

Sharon started her career over 35 years ago and had a long and successful career in a variety of different positions with 4 large Global Brokers: Aon, Marsh, Willis, and Gallagher.

During this time, she secured expertise in all aspects of the insurance brokerage business from Leadership, Sales, Technical Placement/Marketing, Claims Management, and Service/Global Compliance/Best Practices.  She has been an Instructor for the Insurance Institute of Ontario since 1998, for IBAO since 2010 and for the University of Toronto since 2013 (winning an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2015 for the Canadian Risk Management Course).

Sharon is passionate about teaching/coaching.   She is a former member of the Academic Council for the Insurance Institute, former Education Committee Chair for the Toronto Women’s Insurance Association, and participated in numerous special projects at Humber, Seneca and Centennial College regarding different Insurance Programs. Sharon has been teaching OTL and RIBO Licensing Courses for well over 10 years as well as customizing seminars on specific subject matters. She also created a course on Emotional Intelligence which is part of the University of Toronto’s Strategic Leadership Program.

Effective August 2018, Sharon became a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. She also chose to become an Independent Consultant working with numerous brokerages and regulatory bodies doing special projects as well as continuing to offer a variety of courses and seminars. 

Her favourite line – we are all teachers, and we are all students – she looks forward to learning with you.

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