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IBAH President Update – Reflecting on this year

Posted Oct 18th, 2016 in IBAH News, IBAH Report

IBAH President Update – Reflecting on this year

Another year has quickly come to an end for us and I’d like to start by thanking each and every one of the IBAH board members for helping to ensure we were able to offer the best association we could.

To our IBAH board members, we greatly appreciate all the time you devoted to this board throughout this past year. All of you have made this year a pleasure to be the President of the IBAH.  I’d also like to thank each of our associate members for your continued support and participation.  Everything you attend does not go unnoticed and the support you provide is significant. 

Looking back on the past year we were able to accomplish a lot as a board and we would you were able to appreciate and utilize a lot of the offerings we had.  During the past year we:

  • Completely updated the way we communicate with you.  No longer do we publish our monthly bulletin but rather we moved to a totally digital platform.  We started with a major update to which provides us with better functionality and the ability to utilize the website to its full potential.  We also entered the realm of twitter, @IBAHamilton, and continue to be one of the most active affiliates in Ontario.  As we moved to this digital world it is important we stay in contact with you.  If you are not on our mailing list or following us on twitter please let us know so we can be sure to include you in everything we offer
  • Continued our offering of pertinent educational seminars providing knowledge on today's events and tomorrow's problems. 
  • Completed three offerings of Basic Broker Program now facilitated by Julie Ryan.  We continue to be one of the leading Basic Broker Preparation programs in Ontario.  This year we will again have three more offerings.
  • Ashley organized and pulled off an exceptional golf tournament at Dragon’s Fire
  • Held our annual Christmas Mix and Mingle event which was again well attended and a great time to visit with each other just prior to the busy Christmas Season.  Stay tuned for details of this years Christmas Mix and Mingle occurring at the end of November.
  • Launched a new broker donation campaign and were able to successfully partner and contribute to seven deserving charities in our community.  If you were not able to participate the first time we will again be offering our ‘Bip The Town Magenta’ campaign again in November/December.
  • Continued promotion of the Bipper throughout our communities whether as one of the head sponsors for the City Kidz Gala or sponsoring the Hamilton Mountain Cobra’s youth baseball team, to our continued support of Crime Stopper’s. 

If anyone is interested we still have spots on the board available  If you or anyone you know is interested please see me or any of the other board members.  We are also always open to suggestions or even criticisms of what we can be doing better.  If you have any ideas or know how we can do something better please let us know.

Lastly, this marked my final year in my two-year presidency and I as shift into my new role as Past-President I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to introduce themselves and work with me over the year.  The future of the IBAH is bright and I look forward as Ashely and Lynn lead us into the future.

This article was written by IBAH Board President, Adam Veldpaus.

Adam Veldpaus, CIP, CRM
Cowan Insurance Group
Phone: 905-523-8507 ext. 42232
Fax: 905-529-4497

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