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Please contact any of our trusted IBAH members for information about home, auto or business insurance in the Hamilton area.

  • AP Insurance Brokers Inc.

    1423 Upper Ottawa, Unit 11
    Hamilton, ON, L8W 3J6

    Tel: 905-389-2822

    Fax: 905-389-5819

    Web: www.apont.ca

    Email: Click Here

  • Acumen Insurance Group Inc.

    835 Paramount Dr., Ste. 301
    Stoney Creek, ON, L8J 0B4

    Tel: 905-574-7000

    Fax: 905-574-8860

    Web: www.acumeninsurance.com 

    Email: Click Here

  • Bertram Barry Insurance, Stoney Creek

    Bertram & Barry Insurance Ltd.

    6 Lake Avenue South P.O. Box 66523
    Stoney Creek, ON, L8G 5E5

    Tel: 905-662-8645

    Fax: 905-662-1515

    Web: http://www.bertramandbarry.ca 

    Email: Click Here

  • Binbrook Insurance Brokers, Hamilton

    Binbrook Insurance Brokers Ltd.

    2365 Regional Road #56 P.O. Box 429
    Binbrook, ON, L0R 1C0

    Tel: 905-692-4418

    Fax: 905-692-5771

    Web: N/A 

    Email: Click Here

  • Broker Link Insurance, Hamilton

    Canada Brokerlink (Ontario) Inc

    66 King St. W.
    Dundas, ON, L9H 1T8

    Tel: 905-628-2221

    Fax: 905-628-4208

    Web: www.brokerlink.ca 

    Email: reception.dundas@brokerlink.ca

  • Cowan Insurance, Hamilton

    Cowan Insurance Group

    105 Main Street East, Suite 602
    Hamilton, ON, L8N 1G6

    Tel: 905-523-8507

    Fax: 905-529-4497

    Web: www.cowangroup.ca 

    Email: Click Here

  • Dalton Timmins Insurance, Hamilton

    Dalton Timmis Insurance Group Inc.

    35 Stone Church Road, 3rd Flr.
    Ancaster, ON, L9K 1S5

    Tel: 905-648-3922

    Fax: 905-648-6980

    Web: www.daltontimmis.com 

    Email: Click Here

  • Dan Lawrie Insurance, Hamilton

    Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers

    105 Main Street East, Suite 14th Floor
    Hamilton, ON, L8N 1G6

    Tel: 905-525-7259

    Fax: 905-521-7989

    Web: www.danlawrie.com 

    Email: Click Here

  • Dowhaniuk Insurance Brokers

    1555 Main Street West
    Hamilton, ON, L8S 1E6

    Tel: 905-523-2323
    Fax: 905-529-9292
    Web: www.pdibi.ca 
    Email: Click Here
  • FirstOntario Insurance Brokers Inc. logo

    FirstOntario Insurance Brokers Inc.

    L100-2000 Garth Street
    Hamilton, ON, L9B 0C1

    Tel: 905-385-3642
    Fax: 905-387-0646
    Web: www.firstontarioinsurance.com 
    Email: Click Here
  • Game Day Insurance Inc.

    435 McNeilly Rd. Suite 203
    Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 5E3

    Tel: 1-866-661-7507

    Fax: 905-643-3483

    Web: www.gamedayinsurance.ca 

    Email: N/A

  • Idea Insurance

    IDEA Insurance Inc.

    440-69 John St. South
    Hamilton, ON, L8N 2B9

    Tel: 1-877-275-1639

    Fax: 1-877-275-1639

    Web: www.ideainsurance.ca 

    Email:  sean@ideainsurance.ca

  • Meester Insurance, Smithville

    Meester Insurance Centre o/b P.V.& V Insurance Centre Ltd.

    Village Square Mall, P.O. Box 299, Hwy. #20
    Smithville, ON, L0R 2A0

    Tel: 905-957-2333

    Fax: 905-957-2599

    Web: www.meesterinsurance.com 

    Email: Click Here

  • Merit Insurance, Hamilton

    Merit Insurance Brokers Inc

    20 Main St. N. #7 P.O. Box 879
    Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H0

    Tel: 905-690-6888

    Fax: 905-690-4229

    Web: www.merit-insurance.com 

    Email: Click Here

  • Morison Insurance Brokers Inc., Hamilton

    Morison Insurance Brokers Inc.

    100-1725 Upper James St
    Hamilton, ON L9B 1K7

    Tel: 905-575-5969

    Fax: 905-383-2305

    Web: www.morisoninsurance.ca  

    Email: Click Here

  • Pearson Dunn Insurance, Stoney Creek

    Pearson Dunn Insurance Inc. & Jones Brown Insurance

    435 McNeilly Rd. Suite 103
    Stoney Creek, ON, L8E 5E3

    Tel: 905-575-1122

    Fax: 905-643-8321

    Web: www.pearsondunn.com 

    Email: N/A

  • Phil Leon Insurance Broker Inc., Hamilton

    Phil Leon Insurance Broker Inc.

    21 Hunter Street East, Suite 103
    Hamilton, ON, L8N 3R4

    Tel: 905-525-0001

    Fax: 905-525-1690

    Web: http://www.philleon.ca

    Email: Click Here

  • The Mitchell Abbott Group Insurance Brokers, Hamilton

    The Mitchell Abbott Group Insurance Brokers

    200 Garth St. STE 101
    Hamilton, ON, L9B 0C1

    Tel: 905-385-6383

    Fax: 905-385-7905

    Web: https://mitchellandabbott.com

    Email: N/A

  • Tripemco Insurance Group, Hamilton

    Tripemco Insurance Group

    99 Highway #8
    Stoney Creek, ON, L8G 1C1

    Tel: 905-664-2266

    Fax: 905-664-3169

    Web: www.tripemco.com

    Email: koshmera@tripemco.com

  • Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc., Hamilton, Ontario

    Youngs Insurance Brokers Inc.

    95 Hamilton St. N.
    Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H0

    Tel: 905-689-7911

    Fax: 905-689-0400

    Web: www.youngsinsurance.ca 

    Email: Click Here


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