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IBAH Supports | Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (CNETS)

Posted Feb 28th, 2017 in Community Events, IBAH News

The Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton recently had the pleasure of attending a fundraising event for CNETS (Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumour Society). In addition, we were thrilled to donate $500.00 to this deserving cause!

This event was to help raise funding for CNETS Canada and bring awareness to others, so that hopefully in the near future this disease can be removed from the list of “we cannot help you” diseases.  The IBAH proudly donated $500 to this cause and the ongoing research for this disease.

The MC for the evening Phil Pizzey, had this to say regarding this well disguised diseased; 

Neuroendocrine tumours are considered rare amongst the medical community and therefore deemed as Zebras amongst horses. To give some examples; CEO of Apple - Steve Jobs, reported cause of death was pancreatic cancer, underlying reality ... the Zebra,  Neuroendocrine tumours. Wendy’s Founder - Dave Thomas, reported cause of death, Liver cancer, underlying reality ... the Zebra, Neuroendocrine tumours. Actor - Patrick Swayze, reported cause of death, pancreatic cancer, underlying reality ... the Zebra, Neuroendocrine tumours.  As you can see, the Zebra, the attacker. The Zebra, the thief that stole these three lives along with countless others. The Zebra allowed to run its course and even more importantly allowed to avoid the headlines! 

Imagine for a moment, the moment that you finally get a correct and accurate diagnosis. Imagine all that you have to process.  Message; go home, get your paperwork in order there is nothing we can do. But the message from a cancer survivor..... Don't take NO for an answer. Educate yourself on what it is you are dealing with. Be your own advocate.  Search out alternative and all avenues of professional help. NO does not always have to mean NO. Another message, when in fact, you are feeling better speak up and help others.  Your successes give others HOPE. We all know someone. Please take this message with you.  Tell your friends, family, loved ones. CNETS exists. Support groups are out there. People are waiting, willing and wanting to help. Time and knowledge are of the essence and through the sharing of this information, lives can and will be saved.

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