October 2017 Luncheon + Annual General Meeting Recap

Posted Nov 29th, 2017 in IBAH News

Following our AGM, we were honoured in welcoming Traci Boland, President of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) who outlined the IBAO’s Strategic Plan for the upcoming year.  

During our Annual General Meeting, nine passionate brokers made a commitment to not only serve on the board but to advocate on behalf of the Hamilton broker community, bringing our partners and members together.

Traci Boland Discusses the IBAO's 2018 Strategic Plan

In a vision to be “the voice of the Ontario broker within the industry,” the IBAO plans to embrace their mission in “building on the quality of the broker profession and advocating for the interests of [their] members.”

In relaying the IBAO priorities through the broker value proposition, Boland explained the importance of their core elements (members, stakeholders, people, internal processes and financial) and how they will fit into their tactical strategy.

In specific to the members of the IBAO, the association will aim to champion collective broker channel technological needs and requirements through increasing customer awareness. Boland admitted our technological systems are not where they should be and we have a long way to go in updating our company systems, broker management systems, building evaluation platforms, etc.

Our insuring partners have been working on developing their own mobile apps which is a great technological advancement for them, but on the contrary for brokers; this is leading a destructive path in the elimination of the broker channel.   In order to combat this, the IBAO for the first time has implemented a whitepaper and proudly has influenced every single association across the country to sign on.

IBAO has taken on a large role in technology and has committed to working with their partners in developing a platform for our brokers to be able to grow with technology and be able to deliver electronic documents (eDocs).

To extend our appreciation to Traci Boland for her presentation, the IBAH donated $125.00 to McMaster Children’s Hospital. We would also like to thank all of our guests for attending the luncheon. We encourage everyone to join us on Wednesday, February 8th, 2018, where Linda Papadopoulos, Vice President, Risk Management of Pearson Dunn a Jones Brown Company, will be our much-anticipated presenter!

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