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Posted Apr 9th, 2018 in Community Events, IBAH News

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre has been an invaluable multi-service agency on Hamilton Mountain since it was founded in 1986, that is why IBAH wanted to donate to this fantastic agency.

IBAH Gives Back

IBAH Donates to Neighbour to NeighbourNeighbour to Neighbour prides itself on being a pillar of the local community, and without the support of many businesses including Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton, they wouldn’t be able to continue providing a variety of services to the citizens of the City of Hamilton.

Lynn Uildersma and Barbara-Jane Ardan visited the Neighbour to Neighbour Centre in Hamilton, on behalf of The Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton (IBAH). They donated non-perishable food gathered from our bowling event, bipper blankets and also presented them with a cheque for $250.00.   The group was truly grateful to receive our donations and will put the bipper blankets to good use.

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre has been an invaluable multi-service agency on Hamilton Mountain since it was founded in 1986. Neighbour to Neighbour has evolved over that time from a food bank into a multi-service agency that prides itself in utilizing preventative-based measures to help those most in need in our community. Neighbour to Neighbour has four unique departments with which it helps those seeking support:

The Emergency Food Department ensures that all our shelves are stocked and that those in need of food assistance can grocery shop for the staples that their family is accustomed to. For each dollar received by this department, they can buy $9 worth of food for its service recipients.

The Tutoring Department works in 14 schools across the city. Its mission is to help children in grades 1 through 3 enhance their literacy skills through reading, writing and educational games. We have a devoted bunch of volunteers who participate in this program The Community Food Centre, located on Limeridge Road West brings the community around fresh food as well as introduce cross-cultural activities and workshops to enhance a strong sense of community. From a senior's exercise class twice a week to an after-school drop-in centre, the Community Food Centre is all about community.

The Family Services Department helps low-income families learn how to make a monthly budget as well as help qualifying individuals with utility assistance, as well as teach its service recipients about government programs or aids to help them get back on their feet.

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