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IBAH Visits CityKidz New Facility

Posted Dec 10th, 2018 in IBAH News, IBAH Report

The Insurance Brokers Association is an active supporter of CityKidz and we recently had the privilege of visiting their New Facility. 

Those who attended this event were very lucky...

Not only because of how well done the event was, or how well run it was, or how great the people are behind this organization...but because of how unique it was. We got to see the new CityKidz facility, meet many of the wonderful CityKidz volunteers, listen to the excellent piano playing skills of an aspiring professional musician (it was very impressive) who is also a CityKidz volunteer, and step for a moment inside the shoes of one of Hamilton’s best charities. CityKidz helped make "stepping into their shoes" possible at the first moments of waking into the tour of the facility. After being greeted and welcomed by the event's volunteers, the facility tour was combined with a massive educational display of the History of CityKidz, memories and great moments, a glimpse into the poverty of Hamilton, poverty cycles, and information on how Citykidz helps to fight these hardships. This was demonstrated with videos, pictures, books and large displays. The tour ended with the buffet (the food was fantastic), and a presentation by CityKidz; Oh and did I mention there was an onsite photo booth??? Very nice touch, I will have that memory forever!


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