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2020 | RIBO Level 1 Licencing DIGITAL Course

Posted Jun 2nd, 2020 in Educational Seminars, IBAH News

IBAH has scheduled two RIBO Level 1 Digital Courses (Basic Broker Preparation) throughout 2020.

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The Basic Broker Preparation Course satisfies the Basic Broker Skill Requirements as established by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).

It is a lengthy and fast-moving course that requires attendance at all lectures. It is recommended that a student spends a minimum of 3-4 hours in a private study between each lecture.

Emphasis is placed on Insurance Principles and personal automobile and property coverages. Frequent Term Quizzes given throughout the course allow the student a measure of his/her accomplishments to date.

A review exam will be supplied covering all course subject matter in preparation for the RIBO exam. These quizzes and review exams do not contribute to the RIBO exam or marks.

The RIBO exam will be written in class on the last day of the course.    


This two-day weekend refresher course is a great opportunity for those who wish to have additional support after doing some self-study or those that may have previously failed an exam or need to reinstate their license.  

The course will be held online via Zoom and will attempt to provide an overview of the entire course material (based on the Fundamentals of Insurance material) with a heavy emphasis on homeowners and auto (which represents a large percentage of the examination marks).  There will be an opportunity for an 'open mike' to address any specific areas of concern.

We recommend you review your previous course material (including the self-examination questions at the end of each chapter together with the tests and quizzes).  


COVID-19 Update: RIBO is now accepting applications for the option of writing this licensing exam in an online environment. Slots are limited, but be available in July and thereafter. Fee for the online exams is $250. The fee for in person, paper exams, when once again available, will remain at $180. The difference in fees allows RIBO to cover some of the additional costs incurred through the online process.The examination is set by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO).



The student is required to submit an examination application and pay to RIBO the examination fee of $180.00, in addition to the course enrolment fee.

This fee, plus the course application, two passport size photos, and a Criminal Record Verification are due on the second day of class for the 2-week course. 

The examination of a 3-hour duration contains 90 multiple choice questions and 10 short answer questions. Fifty percent (50%) of the exam will be "open book" and the candidate will be supplied with the Ontario Automobile Policy and the Habitational Policies for reference purposes.  

The student must obtain a mark of 75% or higher to be successful. Re-writes are limited to 3 examination attempts in a 12 month period. The re-write fee is $180.00

2020 RIBO Level 1 Licensing Course, Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton


Upon completion of this course, the student will be qualified to be an “other than life” Insurance Broker as defined in the Registered Insurance Brokers Act, RSO1990 and its regulations. In order for a student to obtain a RIBO registration, it is necessary that employment is obtained with an unrestricted broker within 12 months of the date of passing the exam.

The student will receive a Level 1 “restricted registration.” A restricted registration will not permit the student to establish his/her own brokerage. After 2 years working as a restricted broker & successful completion of the Advanced Broker respective exams, this restriction can be removed.

A restricted registration permits a broker to effect any type of Property & Casualty coverages but the broker is required to have sufficient knowledge of the coverages in order to handle the client’s needs in a professional & competent manner.

Successful candidates may gain employment through any Registered Brokerage in the Province of Ontario. If a candidate does not become employed & registered within 12 months, the student will be required to re-write a RIBO exam.

The Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton, Insurance Institute, and the Instructors are not responsible for obtaining such employment or recommending employment opportunities.


‍‍Sharon Greenidge, CIP, CRM

Sharon started her career over 30 years ago and had a long and successful career with 4 large Global Brokers:  Aon, Marsh, Willis and Gallagher. During this time, Sharon secured expertise in all aspects of the insurance brokerage business from Leadership, Sales, Technical Placement/Marketing, Claims Management, and Service/Global Compliance/Best Practices. She has been an Instructor for the Insurance Institute of Ontario since 1998, for IBAO since 2010 and the University of Toronto since 2013 (winning an Excellence in Teaching Award in 2015 for the Canadian Risk Management Course). Sharon is a former member of the Academic Council for the Insurance Institute, former Education Committee Chair for the Toronto Women’s Insurance Association, and participated in numerous special projects at Humber, Seneca and Centennial College regarding Insurance Programs. She has been teaching OTL and RIBO Licensing Courses for well over 10 years as well as customizing seminars on specific subject matters. 

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